Video Production

From Camera Operator to Production manager, Learn everything you need to know about video Production

We are living in and day and age were it is now easy to creature own videos.  From affordable digital cameras to even DSLR are titans, it seems like everyone would like to learn more about video production in even how to succeed with their own YouTube video account.
Here's where the Spaulding School of Production comes in.  Through the Spaulding School of Production Video Production program, you will learn everything you need to know about successful video management:
- Set Design
- Ligthing
- Editing (using multiple software)
- File and Data Management / Sharign approaches
- Audio Management
- General Production
- And on

The greatest news is not only will you learn all of the applied sciences involved in video management, but you will also get a wealth of real-world experience.  How?

The Spaulding School of Production is a main contributor to the YouTube Television Show: Art Happens.   Through this show a variety of production talent moves across Central Ontario the film both studio productions as well as live onsite events.  

Rest assured that by the time you have been trained in video management and prodcution of the Spaulding school of Production, you will be able to to not only manage your own successful YouTube account, but manage an entire television show and onsite events if that be your desire.

The Spaulding School of Production also works closely with the Spaulding School of Drama and The Spaulding School of Music.   Through these partnering initiatives you also be able to learn everything you need to know about filming dramatic presentations and even music videos.

Learning to the Spaulding method makes it all very easy.

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